State by State Prescription Drug Legislation

prescription+medicineAs many of my readers know, particularly including those who are lawyers, tracking pending legislation affecting the pharmaceutical and medical device industries on both a state by state and federal basis can be an especially daunting task.  Obviously, these industries are highly regulated, and as each new issue presents itself, the federal and state legislatures do what they do best:  legislate some more!  The result is a highly complex, almost rainbow-like color scheme of regulations that are often inconsistent, contradictory and sometimes, well, nonsensical (my apologies in advance to the decision makers).

With the help of Matthew Samsa, a summer associate at Benesch, I have located a fabulous tracking source that I can’t help but share.  I’d suggest that you check out the 2007 Prescription Drug State Legislation tracker, hosted by the National Conference of State Legislatures, which is the “Forum of America’s Ideas.”  So, for example, what does Colorado have to say about pedigree legislation?  According to the site, legislation was just passed that “[w]ould regulate prescription drug wholesalers; including requiring criminal history background checks of applicant representatives, updating requirement for maintaining and retaining “pedigree” records to prevent or diversion to unauthorized buyers.” The site further mentions the following status information:  “Filed 3/6/07; passed Senate 4/2/07; passed House 4/12/07; amended and sent to governor 5/15/07.”

Of course, I can’t make any representations or warranties about the accuracy of the content and how often the site is updated (if only I could write without including a disclaimer).  I can say, however, that this site may make tracking state legislation affecting the pharmaceutical industry a far more manageable task.

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